Everton Bonturim
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Nanotechnology
University of California - Berkeley
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Berkeley, CA - USA

University of São Paulo – USP
Nuclear and Energy Research Institute, Center for Chemical and Environmental Technology
São Paulo, SP 05508-000 – Brazil


Research summary

Researcher in Materials Science and Nanotechnology at University of California - Berkeley, graduated in Chemistry, Lavoisier Prize winner in Chemistry Regional Council (2010), Master of Science (M.Sc.) University of São Paulo. He has experience in Chemistry with emphasis in Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry, in Materials Science and Engineering, with an emphasis on ceramic materials, synthesis and characterization of nano-particles and advanced ceramics for Fuel Cells. PhD student in Materials Science and Nuclear Technology (University of São Paulo), with emphasis studying in persistent luminescence properties and rare-earth spectroscopy (electronic spectroscopy) and experience in Inorganic Chemistry with focus in luminescence properties, nanotechnology, materials characterization, X-ray absorption spectroscopy by synchrotron radiation and synthesis of oxides. Teaching experience in College levels.